Asbestos containing decorative coatings were used to produce decorative coatings to ceilings and walls. In the past, they had various brand names such as ‘Artex’.

Removing the product is safe when done correctly, in a planned and controlled manner.

Work on any type of asbestos can be dangerous. However, tasks on these particular materials can be carried out by workers who are appropriately trained and insured.

If the work is likely to cause significant breakup and deterioration of the ACM such as large scale removal using steaming or gelling methods, then a notification to the local enforcing authority would be required.

SCI are able to undertake full or part removal for you by utilising our highly trained staff.

What Next?
Step 1 – Complete the contact information required in the cost calculator
Step 2 – Enter the measurements into the cost calculator
Step 3 – If you wish to proceed, submit your details and instructions on how to pay the required 10% deposit will be sent to you (all major credit and debit cards accepted)

You will need to know the following measurements of your ceiling or room in metres:

  • For asbestos ceilings – room width and length
  • For asbestos walls – width and height of each wall

If you have multiple rooms that require ceiling removal, or, multiple wall removals, please contact us on or 0330 2020 296 to speak to an advisor.

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